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Packages containing Clang and libstdc++ binaries for Linux and OS X

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This project provides packaged binaries containing:

The packages provide a C++11 toolchain, and they provide the Clang libraries needed for the SourceWeb indexer.

Binaries from the current version 1 release were built on x86 and x86-64 Ubuntu 10.04 and OS X 10.8. The Linux binaries should work on most currently supported Linux distributions, which have libc and libstdc++ libraries no older than those in Ubuntu 10.04. This includes:

The packages will not work on CentOS 5.x, which uses libstdc++-4.2.

On OS X, the Clang libraries were built for libc++, not libstdc++. They should work on OS 10.8, might work on 10.7, but will not work with 10.6, which does not have libc++.

Download links

Package x86 Linux x86-64 Linux x86-64 OS X
Clang 3.2 Download Download Download
gcc-libs 4.6.3 Download Download n/a
gcc-libs 4.7.2 Download Download n/a

SHA256 checksums

Linux usage note

On Linux, extract a clang package and a gcc-libs package into the same directory. Passing --strip-components=1 to tar is helpful for doing this. e.g.:

mkdir clang-3.2-gcc-libs-4.6.3-1
cd clang-3.2-gcc-libs-4.6.3-1
tar --strip-components=1 -xf ../clang-3.2-1-x86-linux.tar.bz2
tar --strip-components=1 -xf ../gcc-libs-4.6.3-1-x86-linux.tar.bz2

Note that at run-time, the binaries produced by this package may need a libstdc++ newer than the one on the host system. Either use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point at the packaged libstdc++, or compile with -Wl,-R<path> to embed an RPATH into the binary.